❤❤❤ Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty

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Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty

Shit just got real. I Reflective Essay Sample the playoffs, had an awesome Jesus Masculinity, Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty the championship game, and came in second Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty. I know Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty who is playing who, but when giving advice I Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty want to Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty it Assisted Suicide Vs Euthanasia Related Topics. Now to go back and read about how I underperformed and made poor decisions. But i tried to be fair and not leave those out i knew i had wrong lol. Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty all, kicking IS part Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty the game and needs to be accounted for The Deaf In Prison.

Aaron Hernandez Case - Netflix: Killer Inside - CTE vs. Personality Disorder

While he was celebrating he tried setting off fireworks, but they blew up and his hand was severely injured Kratch, He suffered burns on his palm and 3 of his fingers, nerve damage in one finger, fractured many bones in his left hand, and had to amputate his index finger Fitzgerald, As we are watching this series unfold with all of its glory it may slip your mind that this actually happened in , when a very famous football player was accused and found not guilty in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson as well as her friend Ron Goldman, who was just dropping off a pair of glasses when he was brutally murdered. Ashley Ross starts off by reminding us of the man accused of this crime. Orenthal James Simpson, or O.

Afterward, O. Bachelder explained how most people say they know of or have even seen the injury to Theismann, but people may not remember everything that happened when his career was ended. The way Bachelder explained what happened was he did a memory test on himself to see what he remembered about the play and testing it with what really happened, which informs the reader on what transpired back in For example, Bachelder recalled that he was young at this time and his. Due to these high risk injuries, parents have been debating whether or not their child under twelve should be playing youth tackle football. Many people regarded him as a man who transcended race such as Hertz CEO Frank Olson a company were Simpson was the face of the company throughout the seventies.

However, the events of June twelfth changed that image when Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were found murdered in her apartment. Hernandez was a rising star with the New England Patriots. He was a promising, young tight end who could do nearly everything on the field. He made a mistake that changed his life for good. According to Kilgore, while Hernandez was 27, he murdered a man named Odin Lloyd over an argument at a club, then buried him a few miles away from his mansion in North Attleboro Kilgore para Even in light of this new evidence, Krone was found guilty, again.

Krone went on to serve six more years in prison before finally being exonerated based on saliva and blood DNA evidence that matched the true culprit, Kenneth. J Simpson should have been claimed guilty instead of not guilty. Love this community, and good luck to everyone! Sorting by draft pick would probably be more helpful, especially from a draft analysis point of view. Unless you have a good 4th RB, you're screwed. Here's a good guideline to follow: When you create or adjust your lineup, place the players into your lineup starting in the order that they'll play their games, filling up all non-flex spots first. Whichever RB plays latest would go in your flex spot. All my players paid because I took credit cards.

EDIT: finished 12 carries, 6yds, 2 catches 6 yds. Thanks Rotoworld!! Again, these are in no particular order. If you are curious about someone I didn't list here, or have any other questions, feel free to ask. First things first. It's ok, I'll wait here for you. Got him? Ok, good. Calvin Johnson Jr. Manningham concussed, Nicks eternally banged up, opportunity knocking.

Don't expect every week to be like this past one, but even with the 2 outside guys healthy, Cruz may have the chance to flourish ala Steve Smith as the slot guy for the giants. This guy has the afterburners to take the top off the defense - the same thing Lee Evans was brought in to do. With his injury, don't expect Evans to do that. If Smith can keep this up and prevent his pre-season concrete hands from returning, expect him to be the WR2 across from Boldin. Veteran WR who is just about eclipsing his totals already. He seems to be clicking with McNabb, and grabbed 9 of his 11 targets yesterday.

Not the best of WRs out there, but i'm sure some of you team league guys may be looking for someone. Seemed to have eyes only for Garcon. He does not belong on the waiver wire. If you're lucky enough to be able to get him, do it now - no more explanation needed. This guy might have his opportunity to shine. Buyer beware with a rookie RB, but if Gore takes any time off, then you can look for him to have little to no competition in SF's backfield. He has taken over Vonta Leach's role as FB for Houston, but seems to be one of those ""swiss army"" type utility guys. This is a deep reach, but people may be in need of his services. Historically, this is a huge warning flag.

Last night we saw some unsuccessful carries from both Mendenhall and Redman. Ball runs with urgency and hits the hole hard on a John Fox coached team. He seems to be the Bucs' 3rd down back. He gets a bunch of checkdowns, and seems to be good for double digits every week for ppr formats. For warnings, scroll up and read Titus young. Heath had a couple of great grabs, look for him in deeper leagues. Question marks everywhere with new emergence of Torrey Smith. Eventually Sparano will have Henne stop throwing at triple covered Marshall so much, right? Eh, probably not - but you might desperately need a deep TE pickup. A few of these guys are actually valuable in return yardage leagues. Drafted Greg Jennings Practically missed the entire season. Drafted Hakeem Nicks Missed 3 games, did nothing in 5 other games.

Traded D Martin for Antonio Brown after week 4. In the 4 games I owned Doug Martin, he scored 40 points.. In the 4 games since I traded him, hes scored Weeks my TEs combined for 9. Lost 3 games by less than 1 point. How does he do these things? There is no way this trade should be allowed to happen right? I'm the commish, with final say In 5 years, I've seen some suspicious trade proposals come through by the guy in last place to his buddy in the top 4, but I've never had to actually veto the trade.. However, I can't see any way for this trade to be acceptable.

The guy last place trading away Johnson, has a bad team his WRs are Hakeem Nicks, Hixon, Lefell, Jerome Simpson, and Baldwin the guy getting Johnson is of course his buddy and is in 2nd place with a quality team and decent WR core already. I should veto this I'm all about getting creative.. Here is my team this year. I recently joined [4for4. Oh, and I like reddit. I'm signing off for the night, but you know where to find me! Fucking act like you've won two Superbowls. But I won't stand for it. I don't understand! You should freak the fuck out. These guys you paid a premium for. They are above the level of regular athletes and thus should put up god like numbers every week. What are you thinking? Those guys are fucking studs. Their one week at the top cannot be an anomaly.

Stop asking the question and pull the trigger, ace! Edit 2: Have to run to a rec hoops game. Will answer more questions tomorrow morning. Edit 3: Thanks for all the questions, folks. I'll do another AMA in early August. Our season ends with the Super Bowl. We play a 16 week regular season. We then play an eight team playoff that takes place during the actual NFL playoffs.

This is my second year in the league. I haven't noticed anyone in this sub having a league like this so I thought I'd share. Here are the details if you care to read. The regular season is divided into two eight week sessions of head to head play. We draft before week 1 and play out the first eight weeks. The winner and second place clinch playoff spots and 1st through 4th get paid. Then we redraft before week 9 and everyone starts with a record.

Play out weeks and the winner and second place of session 2 again clinch a playoff spot if different from session 1 and 1st through 4th get paid out again. The combined records of the two sessions determine playoff seeding with the top eight teams making the playoffs. If a team clinched a spot but does not finish in the top eight overall they jump the lowest ranked team. Before the first round of the NFL playoffs we have a 13 round draft. Draft order is determined by seeding with the best overall regular season team going first in each round, followed by 2nd going 2nd in each round, and so on. This draft format is the major incentive for performing well in the regular season, aside from winning money.

A team QB or kicker means that you get the position's points regardless of who plays the position for that team; for instance I have Baltimore QB but if Flacco gets hurt I continue getting points from his backup. The head coach gets you 15 points for a win and 0 for a loss. You can have any combination of team and individual players in your starting lineup as long as there is four of each. Teams are not matched up head to head, instead the bottom two scoring teams are eliminated after the wild card round. Now with six teams left, each team can steal two players from the teams that were eliminated in a two round snake draft, the top scoring team gets to pick his draft position first, then the 2nd, yada yada yada. This replenishes your team since many of your players may have been eliminated from the NFL playoffs.

If you drafted well, you should have several players on bye week teams but you also need to focus on solid wild card round players to make sure you advance. In the divisional round, again the bottom two teams are knocked out and again there is a two round snake draft where you can steal players from the four teams that have been eliminated. Same thing happens in the conference title round, the only difference being now you can have any eight players, team or individual, in your starting lineup if you even have eight available.

By the Super Bowl there are two teams remaining that play head to head. These teams likely won't have 8 players available to start but you play who you have left meaning an owner that managed his player selection well could have more players than his opponent. The winner gets a big payout and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th get paid as well. This format extends the fantasy season and makes the NFL playoffs way more exciting.

We use espn. During the playoffs the commissioner keeps score manually and sends out a text with everyone's score after each game. Any thoughts or questions? I was actually watching the game yesterday, which is rare for me, and I think I accidentally became a Lions fan. Like, for real. I'm not super happy about it. And of you post, try to help 3 other people! I've got a few in mind but so far I'm going with ""Maybe a Mingo ate your baby"". Let's hear your best. You get literally up to the minute updates on players.

He held a four point lead with only Frank Gore to play. Losing by three points, i am to be submerged in the bay at noon in tighty whities. Why Chicago? Fantasy gods won't allow that. Redman hurt, touchdown Batch. Here's to another good season, Reddit. I have no idea how the draft works, and no idea if there are any strategies I should be aware of. I tend to focus my football news coverage on the Patriots. Are there any resources to cram to learn about other valuable players? Is that even helpful? I have limited experience with fantasy baseball this year only. I didn't do so well. I do a football pool every year, but that seems to be entirely different. Any helpful information is warmly welcomed! Simply sign up on their homepage upper right corner on PC, scroll all the way down on your smartphone and it will be emailed to you when it is released, for FREE!

There will be write-ups on every NFL team, depth charts, ADP, and some special articles added on from some guest writers among the best in the industry! Get your questions ready for the Talented Mr. But worst of all, they are extremely unpredictable. This leads to too much randomness for my liking. One week a kicker will score 1 point, then the next week 20, then the next week 6 and so on. After all, kicking IS part of the game and needs to be accounted for somehow. The question is what is the best fantasy approach to this? How can we tame those huge random swings that a kicker adds to matchups? It shows just how crazy the scoring is. It was supposed to be just the top 12 but then I saw that Seabass was 13 so I had to include him.

The main thing I think I have to do is reduce field goal values from 3 to something lower. This is already done with QBs throwing TDs count as 4 instead of 6 and it makes sense to do for kickers as well. Option 1: A kick is a kick is a kick. Pros: It evens out the scoring pretty nicely, not many 0 scoring weeks, never more than 9 points scored. Option 2A: The bonus system.

Only hard to make kicks get scored. Cons: Too many 0 or less scoring weeks, average too low. Option 2B: The bonus system with XPs. Only hard to make kicks get scored as well as XPs. Cons: Does it put too much importance on long field goals? Average still too low. Option 3: Only XPs get counted. This puts kickers right in line with team success. Pros: The scoring is in the range I want. Pros: Good range of values without being too high or low, even scoring. Cons: Average scores are a little low, maybe a little too even? Pros: OK range of values without being too high or low, somewhat even scoring.

Cons: Starting to get too inconsistent? Pros: Good range of values without being too high or low, good even scoring. I like Options 1, 2B, and any 4. Sidenote; I remember reading something about how Bill Belichick wanted to make extra points harder to make. I think the reasoning is that every play should count for something and that XPs were too routine. I think option 4C still gives some randomness while maintaining a good consistent score week to week. Upvote the player you would select with the first pick in a fantasy football draft. I will post picks 1 and 2 and so on in the later days.

He is one of the best QBs in the league, a consistent play maker, and it's no-lose December. Stop trying to be cute. There are way too many people asking this. EDIT: [Testify! This will ultimately give you more options to replace an injured player later in the week. Shaun Alexander did it in and never rushed for yards again. Curtis Martin did it in and was out of the league by He rushed for 32 yards on 13 carries in the playoffs against one of the worst rush defenses that year and then was useless for the rest of his career. Basically, don't draft Foster. He's already hurt. He's the most obvious bust of the season. Of those 23 seasons, the average Games Played the following year was just over My post has generated discussion and I've been respectful.

I didn't link to some shitty blog to get traffic to my website. I've made an argument about avoiding a player based on statistical trends and past NFL history. If you don't agree with me, that's fine. But downvoting just neuters discussion which should be the antithesis of what this subreddit is about. Lookie there guys. Arian Foster is 3rd! Let's talk about how 3rd he is! EDIT 3 - I appreciate the discussion generated from this and I think I have a couple interesting new things to look at like how backs with and total touches to in following years. If there's a clear statistical trend upward as the carries go down, I think it would be an intriguing point.

I thank you to those that didn't just downvote for disagreeing! Fantasy football begs for debates and respectful discussion! The challenge is graded as follows: 1 point for each correct answer and anywhere from 1 to 0. This makes the overall max score 16 15 questions plus the kicker tiebreaker. Congrats to all winners. Do not try to enter more than once, we will be checking for duplicates and both entries will be deleted.

All entries with a timestamp after PM will be deleted. Dedicated to the player I'm going to live or die with. Yes I do. Never noticed that before. Now to go back and read about how I underperformed and made poor decisions. Now everyone is planning to throw the rest of their games so they can win it. It's that time of week again. Last week's game wrapped up and bubba shredded the field with Julio Jones and Philip Rivers. I put up another game for this week for all of you. Here's the directions for those who have yet to participate:.

Those who can't figure out the game name or the password, PM me and I can help. Also -- remember, if you want to invite any friends to the site, you can take advantage of our refer a friend bonus program. My problem with how this forum is now is the content. This year all I see is images of close wins, close loses, blowouts, stupid line up and of course 'memes'. If you had a close win that's great, but tell us why you had close win, why did you start a certain player or sit a certain player, just don't gloat about a win, or a bitch about lose, analyze a little bit. Everybody who plays fantasy has these same close situations as you, the heartbreak, the joy..

It's fine that you want to be able to share your joy, but please, take it to YOUR LEAGUES message boards or if you bring here, make sure to analyze what happened a little so we can all learn from and become better. I think it was in years past, and I hope it can be again. Post links to good article you read, if your sitting a stud that you usually start, go ahead and tell us, and tell us why. If you are starting a bench player that you usually sit, go ahead and let us know, and tell us why, so that other might also consider these moves.

Thanks all, lets make this a great place to improve our teams and decisions, not just a meme board with no actual content. I just woke up pissed off that somehow Matt Ryan got me 52 points this week and I still lost my match up. This year I finished 2nd place. I finally get to pass ""the cricket"" onto this years biggest loser. Average Points Draft Gronk! The roller-coaster ride is over. Get him out of your lineup! There were entrants!! After 3 weeks, many players are playing differently from their draft position. At some point, fantasy owners have to give up on their drafted player and make a trade or a waiver move to make their team better. Some players, however, have just played poorly over the first few weeks, and they will rebound based on talent or matchups.

I am lucky enough to have my team in my cash league doing well right now so I'm looking for players worth buying now, and waiting for them to return to their potential, when they will become solid starters. Should I expect this every year so many key injuries? It's been really frustrating looking all my starters going down. This year I decided to try out one of Yahoo's pro leagues. It was a 20 dollar, 10 team league. I thought it'd be fun and wasn't to much money. Well I got off to a bad start this year. I started and decided it was time to make a move. I make a public post to the entire league that I had Arian Foster up to sale for the top bidder. Six or so teams sent me offers.

After negotiating for a few nights I finally finalized an offer with another owner. I was absolutely getting the better deal here and I loved it. However, the other owner was going to benefit as well. He had a very loaded team. He was not starting Alfred Morris at all and was replacing Peterson with Foster an obvious upgrade, especially a few weeks back. He was however downgrading from Percy to Maclin. Either way, it was a trade we both agreed to. That should be the end of it. The trade was protested by some pissed off owners and on Saturday night it was veto'd by Yahoo's commish office.

As a result I did not have time to make any more trades and lost that week as well, when I would have won had that trade gone through. I emailed Yahoo multiple times. Even citing their own rules that state they will NOT veto a trade unless it is obvious collusion. They even mentioned it is not their job to stop owners from making unwise trades. Yet, for some reason they chose to veto my trade. Further, they have not responded to a single inquiry I have made to them over the last few weeks. Yet they somehow expect me to accept this and pay them my money? Nothing so far. Has he been on the field much? Getting looks? This draft program allows its user to use a traditional value based draft mindset but with the understanding of the value shift between rounds in a fantasy football draft.

By utilizing the average draft pick for each player, the user is able to understand the decrease in projected points between players available in real time and those players who are projected to be available at the user's next pick. In doing so, each pick realizes the greatest value! Please download and let me know what you think. I know this was helpful to some fellow users last year. I've updated a few things and included customizable scoring which can be used in PPR leagues. Mods, if I am out of line by kindof reposting this, let me know or delete. I'm not doing this for money so I figured it would be OK. Should I do it? Start your studs. I don't care if AP is facing the Ravens, first round guys like him find ways to be productive.

Don't drop someone with a long track record of success unless you have concrete evidence of why they are performing poorly. You aren't dropping Rivers, he says he's healthy and he's been missing Gates for a while. He has a chance to come back, you can bench him for Andy Dalton if you want but don't drop him. You aren't dropping Chris Johnson either, I know he's been absolutely atrocious but chances are he will outperform Jackie Battle. There's no absolute evidence these guys can't bounce back, and unless you are in an 8 team league you should probably hold. If you're deciding between 2 guys to pickup, ask yourself why you need them. Do you need a bye week fill-in? Or are you set and you need a bench warmer.

If you need the bye week guy, go with the pickup who can produce now. That means you like Maurice Morris. If you want an end of the bench guy who might explode, you want Roy Helu I know Mo'Mo isn't the best.. If you need the points always go for that first. There are only 16 weeks of football and every week is important. Don't know who to drop for a hot pickup? Is it Sunday? Drop your kicker and let the information flow in before you decide. Your kicker won't be picked up by anyone, and even if they are - who cares. Kickers are random the majority of the time. Be patient. Players will have off weeks. But don't be naive - we're halfway through the season, if a player hasn't shown any glimpses it might be time to sell or cut bait.

Again don't drop your studs, think about why they are struggling and decide if you think they will bounce back. You don't want to sell low, you want to do the opposite. Is your team really better if you deal Andre Johnson for Jordy Nelson at this point? Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Are you too heavy at RB? It's okay to sacrifice a little value if it improves your team a lot. Don't be the guy who has a stud on the bench every week. Read up as much as you can, but don't take every word an analyst says to heart. Use the information and data they provide and come to your own conclusions.

Consider all the factors. Don't take unnecessary risks. If you're sitting pretty in first place with a record, don't trade Ahmad Bradshaw for Chris Johnson. Listen, I understand the allure of a ""sexy"" player like CJ but why risk the potential bust if you're already ahead. Sitting tight is probably the hardest part of fantasy football. Don't over manage your team. I'm guilty of this and the biggest problem is if you look at players long enough you will find irrational reasons to either love or hate them. Going back to the Ahmad Bradshaw for CJ trade, it might be easy to convince yourself after a while that Bradshaw is a for sure 'sell high'. He might get injured! Eli Manning just isn't that good of a QB.

He hasn't had his bye week. Again, it's easy to rationalize if you bring yourself to hate a player enough. Think big picture. Your goal is to win the league, not to make trades. If you micromanage too much you'll find yourself stuck with a bunch of players you might have just bought high on. Get the news before the websites. Edit: I'm home now so I added a few more points. Some redditors suggested it. I also increased the number of entrants so everyone who wants to join can participate. For those unfamiliar, DraftDay is a Daily Fantasy Sports website where fantasy football games are contested over the course of a single week.

We use the salary cap system for drafting teams. It's pretty self-explanatory, but if anyone has questions, please leave comment and I can help. I look forward to kicking all your butts! Edit - You can see the scoring system by clicking the ""Rules"" tab at the top of the page when drafting a team. PPS - I've had a few requests about inviting friends. Tell anyone you'd like.

Thoughts on my logo? I shoulda started Stafford. I hope you're having a good one. My opponent has Pierre Thomas and Jimmy Graham. I was told that if I don't do it, the commissioner will do it for me. I live in a different state than these guys, but I wish I could fly back home and punch them in the face. Considering that I have 5 remaining players to my opponent's 2, I think I'd still win even without a quarterback, but that's not the point. I'm not asking you guys what to do here, but I am posting this just because of how fucked up it is. I have the most points of any team this season, drafted well and now am being punished for it. If I do win this, QB or not, I'm going to brag my fucking ass off until the end of time.

BTW, you guys rock and all of our advice this season has really helped! Either way, I haven't dealt much with the two other guys in the league because I was with my family all day celebrating the holiday. I thought of moving Brees to the bench until 1 min before tomorrow's game when I'll put him back in, just to piss these guys off. But I'm probably just going to ignore their cries and leave my lineup as is. Emailing league right now, too. The algorithm will call this trade fair, since. All 3 would need to add up to a value of ""2"" in the Foster case. There will be many passes, improvements, and updates.

Should it have? Why doesn't it? That's already 1. Checking league types would add 1 second on every league, literally doubling execution time. If a players only has one multi-pronged trade, the algo will have lots of trouble will their values. You need to do this. Don't accept a trade for 2 qbs if you already have Rodgers. They were very noisy and aren't all that relevant now. Well that's it. Any suggestions for me? Do you like it? Has it worked for you? Let me know! What is the purpose of saying rate my team? The only thing anybody wants to hear is that they did a good job.

I've seen it happen, its scary shit. It seems like it might be easy for some people to miss over football news and end up drafting big name players who are normally a great pick but actually would get screwed this year if they picked them. Just an extra resource for people? All we care about is, who will literally get you zero points? Who will contribute absolutely nothing and will be a waste of a draft spot? For example, these players are out for the season due to injury or Every, fucking, week. EDIT: lot of love for him here. I modeled the best features of 3 other 'premium' VBD tools to make this so I hope you like it. If you aren't familiar with what VBD is or how it can help you, watch this video:. Also, NO, I'm not a professional artist, just gifted I guess.

I understand downvoting if someone posts something irrelevant or spams their own blog or something of that nature, but legitimate questions and concerns should not be repressed because the answer is seemingly obvious or someone wants their own post to get commented on. The purpose of this subreddit is to help other FFB owners and to get help ourselves. If you personally think that the answer to a post is obvious, let the person know or leave the post alone. Don't downvote unless the post is off-topic or spam. What trade, drop, or lineup was so bad that it could be used to blackmail you in the future?

Then I remember that the season is over. I can't be the only one, right? Our paywall was always meant to allow a free view per day to accommodate discussion forums like Reddit. But that didn't work in some cases because people would click to our site, then click back, and then try to click the site again after having used up their free view. We've changed the code on our site so that if you're clicking from Reddit, it should let you read the article you're clicking to even if you've already used a free view.

A great example of the kind of content we're trying to put out is this post on the Giants backfield and Tom Coughlin's historical use of running backs:. Kaepernick will start Sunday, per source. The show is goddamn hilarious. Very fun to watch while doing player research and setting rosters on the laptop. Instead of being able to pick him up and play him, he's on waivers until the 17th!!

That's ridiculous, imo. Take a look! COM's Fantasy Leagues Tom Brady has yet to throw less than 28 touchdowns with him. Just let me have this moment. Thanks, Kevin Smith. It didn't take too long. Everybody seems to want to post in there, but nobody wants to respond to others. If you post in there, respond to 2 or 3 other people after your question. It will help the whole community. Nother fumble recovery. This stat line is already ridiculous and the first quarter isn't over.

I cant even I died a little on the inside. I don't think he realized the implications of his choices A few years ago a ""friend"" of mine notice the quotes who I met at the place I was working at the time approached me about joining his Fantasy league. He told me that he and some friends of his from home none of whom I had met had a league. These were lifelong friends, and they've been doing this league since their Freshman year of College I'm 30, if that gives you a time frame.

He said one of their other friends had dropped out, and they were looking for another player. I had never done Fantasy before, but as a huge football fan, I figured I'd give it a try. Season 1 - I met everyone on Draft Day, nice bunch of people. I obviously had no idea what I was doing fantasy wise, but I had fun and was learning how to play. Essentially, I was in last place. Season 2 - I had a better understanding of Fantasy strategy after doing research and learning from my previous season.

I did better, but still didn't make the playoffs. Still had fun with the group. Season 3 - I was one spot away from the playoffs, and every game mattered for me because the final spot in the playoffs came down to the last game of the season. Fun time. Had a blast. Last Season - Best season I've ever had. I made the playoffs, had an awesome run, made the championship game, and came in second place. For the first time I actually had a payout for the season. I was thrilled and psyched for this season. Traditionally the Yahoo invites come the beginning of August, so when this week rolled around and I didn't get one I figured I'd call my buddy to see what was up. I call no answer. Shoot him a text, no response. Then yesterday on Facebook I get a message, ""Hey man, we all talked and after you came in second last season we voted and opted not to have you in the league this year.

We've all been doing this since College and we didn't really like the idea of one of the original players not being in the Championship Game. Hope you understand. I was pissed. Like a laughing ""this is so stupid"" level of pissed. Basically it was fine to take my money for 3 seasons, but heaven forbid I actually learn and become successful. Anyways, I still have other leagues I'm playing in, so all is well in the world, but I figured this story was so out of the box ridiculous that it needed to be shared.

Fantasy value should remain high. VONA is a strategy where you try to estimate how many players from each position will disappear before you get to draft again and then pick based on what you stand to lose from passing over the best player in each position. I went through an example in the ""Legend"" tab if anyone's curious, and even if you're not interested in this particular strategy I hope you'll find a use for the dataI included a power ranking graph that shows how quickly quality drops off in each position. Hope this helps and good luck in your drafts! EDIT: Player rankings are from [fftoolbox. Feel free to modify, use, reuse, and share if you like it. EDIT2: Update! I changed the references to Excel offsets so you can now delete players as they get drafted and the formulas will all update themselves.

The goal is to make this usable enough that you can make a decision in 90 seconds, and this is definitely a step in that direction. What is waiver fodder in a team league can be must-own in team. If you have very weird rules but it doesn't matter for your question, lie and say 'standard'. I know mostly who is playing who, but when giving advice I don't want to look it up. I'm lazy. It helps to get some context when giving advice. You can get general advice anywhere on the web, I imagine you come to this subreddit for more in depth advice, and we want to give it.

This subreddit is very give-and-take and I don't want you to be afraid to give. You're not a professional, but if you're going to ask for advice, go do some research for someone else! Also, look around at the comments below - there is plenty of good advice to be had from other looking to help! Now go kick some ass. Week 1 begins in 3 days. He asked for it, so I changed my team name to HIS name and changed my team avatar to a gif of him every week. Here are a few of them:. I took data from over NarFFL leagues to see if draft position affects average wins and average points scored in the regular season. I had the 1 pick and finished the season as the 5th seed in the playoffs. Here's what I found:. There are fewer Premier League teams, but they tend to be more active and competitive.

Alt League teams suffered more from teams that were replaced after several weeks of inactivity. Some useful info for interpreting these results:. Snake draft. Obviously, there's a lot of variables that affect these results throughout the entire season such as waiver pickups, trades, scheduling luck, etc. That being said, it's surprising that, in Alt Leagues, we can still see that the 1 draft pick was worth over 1. We can also compare dips in the data to ADP to notice that these dips may have been caused by where typical ""bust"" players were drafted.

A lot of busts were available for picks , so this may be another explanation for the trends. Let me know what you guys think of this data. Special thanks to NarFFL and fleaflicker for the league data. Sorry if I got your hopes up. I answered about questions last week and took 8 hours to do so. Here is an insanely detailed Statistic of how well i did! So last week i answered questions for 8 hours and more about WDIS and trade questions. I took a long time to do a statistic for the WDIS questions now cause i was curious how well i did.

Let me first say that some of the questions didn't seem to have a certain answer who you should take. I sometimes used the phrase ""if you want to be safe, take X, if you want to risk, use Y"". In those cases i used the safer person as the one i ""took"" as to me you'd rather go safe than risk it. In some cases people actually told me who they took, as well.

Some i left out cause the answer wasn't clear. But i tried to be fair and not leave those out i knew i had wrong lol. Let me also say that players like Benson and Amendola were asked a lot and ended up getting hurt fairly early in the game, resulting in them causing a lot of bad points in that statistics. Obviously i understand you would still lose those points in your games as well, but i feel like its tough to put that on me getting my analyzing wrong. I did leave them in the statistic though!

So dont worry. I encourage you all to read through this in detail since its quite fascinating. I hope this doesnt get buried by the WDIS threads this week and that many people see this :. The 68 players i chose ended up beating the 68 bench players I got 38 of them right and 30 wrong. Although it has to be said that with those 38 winners i was able to make That means if you took my advice and i got it right, i got you 8. I take that as a pretty good result to be honest. In 4 of the 10 i picked the best two guys, in 4 of 10 i picked the worst two guys and in two games i had the best and the worst player. Seems pretty much neutral here. On the over hand you can look at this one pretty negative, as my players made 8.

Obviously it could be argued that getting 2 of 3 right can be tough, but yeah, that one I'm not too happy about. I did very well here. In 8 of those 14 i picked the player who got the most points. In only 2 i picked the worst one. My players made 8. If you only count the best bench player vs my player, it is pretty much neutral, both scoring between 8 and 9 points per average. Still I'm pretty happy with this one. This s arguably my best one. In 4 of those 9 situations i picked the best 2 players, while i picked the worst two in none of those. The rest were two times the best and third best, once the best and 4th best, once the 2nd and 3rd best and once the 2nd and 4th best.

My two players scored That equals Even if you view my worst player i picked to start versus the bench player who scored the most points, my starters still won 73 to I am insanely happy about this one. Those seem to be the best stats. I did pretty good here too in my eyes. In three cases i picked the best 3 players and in the other four cases i had the best, the 3rd and the 4th best. That means my average starter had If you only count the worst of my 3 starters in each situation, the bench barely beat me by 7. I would argue that in this kind of situations you could lose a bunch if you bench the wrong guy or if one of the 3 starters has a bad game which essentially is that last statistic.

This was one of my best as well. In four of the six situations i chose the best guy, once the worst and once the 2nd best. Average score per playeer was If you only count my player versus the best of the bench players in each situation, i still win I mean that basically means that the best of 3 people still wasn't better on average that the one i picked. Very happy with that one. This is pretty tough to analyze. I picked the best two players once, never the worst two.

In any combination i had the best player in 4 of 6 combinations and the second best in 2 of 6, the worst player only once in any combination. Points wise on average my starters scored I dont know how to feel about that one. I dont think its bad. Picking 2 out of 5 is pretty random anyway. I picked 2nd 3rd and 4th best in one situation and 1st 4th and 5th in the other. If you calculate the amount of points you potentially lost that would have been Basically just as random and not sure how to feel about that.

I got the 1st and 3rd best player in that one. I picked the best 3 players there. Great success here although pretty random too. My starters had My worst player had 6 points, the best bench spot barely below that with 5. I managed to pick the best choice there as well getting I think thats it. I will check to see if i forgot anything and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I will try to answer them. Or if anyone has any suggestions for other stats that are missing, let me know too. Edit: You guys are crazy Be patient please. Edit2: Ill be back later to answer more. Busy right now for a bit :. Edit3: Ill be gone now, but i will be back later to answer any of the questions that come up.

Thanks for showing so much support and good luck everyone. There goes my stud waiver pickup. The 2nd half of last season you were oh so good, I thought I had a steal in the draft. Now I have to bench you and I know as soon as your ass touches that pine, you're gonna have a nice old fashioned 28 point game. Easy win right? The game is over so the Cowgirls put in Orton and all the 2nd string receivers, but leave Jason Witten in who precedes to score the knockout blow of a garbage time touchdown to put my opponent ahead by 1. I go outside to smoke a cigarette to console myself terrible habit, I know and little do I know that the Cowgirls go for 2 why?

Dropping his Bears D from 25 points to 23 points and I win the match Easily the craziest match I've been a part of or even witnessed. How bout them apples? I've really loved the enthusiasm that you guys bring each week to the game. Leave me your honest feedback on the site in the comments. Be nice or be mean, any feedback is good feedback. I'll pick the winners from those who leave me constructive feedback i.

I'll choose the names in the early part of next week, which will provide you with plenty of time to get to the site and register your team. Edit: Ok you guys win : I'll give out 25 entries next week. Keep the feedback coming to have a chance to win. That would be great. So far it's the top players with positions and bye weeks with the rankings from NFL. I still have a lot more to add and I will update it as I have time but I know a lot of people are starting to draft so enjoy! And I am unable to make a post without a typo in the headline. I'll be adding CBS rankings soon.

Any other sites you would like to see added? I quit. Not one trade has gotten through, and most are fair. Never again. Will try try to practice - Rotoworld. Am I dreaming? Still, you can't forget what Laurent Robinson did last year. It is certainly possible that Ogletree naturally comes into fill Robinson's role. I replaced my co-worker's Starcraft 2 desktop wallpaper with this.

Combined they scored 42 points causing me to lose by one point, until Matt Ryan lost a rushing point when taking a knee to end the game! I won due to having more bench points. I went from extremely disappointed to extremely ecstatic! So to all of you doom and gloom Fantasy Football Owners,. To all of you chicken little's and little girls and boys with falling conviction Please calm down. Wait until next week is over. Then begin trying to improve your teams with trades.

Actually relevant this season! I know a lot of people here feel this way. It was buried in the middle of an article, so I just copied and pasted it, but it's from today's article on ESPN. It's the coward's way out. If I was suddenly made the ruler of all things fantasy, there would never be a veto except in cases of obvious, provable collusion. And in that case, only the commissioner or host website for the league should wield that power. That's part of running a fantasy team. A huge part, in fact. It's a skill that is admired and sought after in real-life general managers, so why should this be any different? The only thing that matters is that the guy getting the tight end thinks so.

Everyone should be allowed -- encouraged, in fact -- to coach their own team. Even if it's stupidly. No one ever knows. I remember one of the first email flame wars I got into about a trade I made just after the draft one year, still in the preseason. In my longtime league with all my college buddies a dynasty league , I traded a package of players for, in essence, Brett Favre, then one of the best quarterbacks in fantasy. It was a depth-for-a-superstar deal, perfectly legit, but the league went nuts because the only quarterback the guy was getting back was a recently promoted backup who had just got the job because the starter had been injured in preseason.

He was happy, I was happy, what's the issue? On and on they complained. Until about Week 3 or 4, when they realized the backup quarterback I had dealt, Kurt Warner, was embarking upon his ""Greatest Show on Turf"" season, and would be better than Favre would ever be. I especially can't stand the people who block a trade just because it doesn't involve them or because it's part of their ""strategy"" to block other teams from improving. That's the coward's way out and you're a scummy, spineless punk if you do that. Win on the virtual field, not by manipulating the rules. If he's in my lineup, he scores 2 points. It never fails. God dammit, Chris Johnson. It's not even a keeper league.

Is there any interest in me posting some of the work I complete as a part of the class throughout the semester? The class is a writing and rhetoric course designed around a fantasy football draft that takes place in class. We will be writing argumentative and persuasive rhetorical essays based on our teams. We are assigned to read various fantasy football publications and analyze their arguments, we are assigned to watch Fantasy Football Now and listen to the podcasts and rhetorically analyze them, and the teacher is even trying to get a live Skype chat call with Matthew Berry! We also get extra credit based on how we perform each week - the student with the highest overall pointage at the end of each individual week.

Let me know, Thanks. Having had terrible fantasy luck all year I knew not to count my chickens until stat corrections came in and it was final. Days go by and yahoo comes out with their recaps which gives me some great hope that my win is legitimate and that I can start to celebrate. Little do I know that those guys at the NFL had something else in mind.

I wake up this morning to see that stat corrections had gone live, and don't I see my team name in second place, corrected down 4 points being they credited Antoine Winfield with a tackle instead of a sack, and I lose My world is about to get that much more difficult. Fourth place, and playing a guy who hasnt changed his lineup since week 1. Then he started dropping, adding, trading within the course of a few days. Talking to the commissioner he said that he and another member of the league ""showed"" him how to set up his lineup one day while he was over.

Cries of collusion and threats soon followed, yet no changes were made. Come game day, he puts up triple digits since week one. Of course, one of the conspirators takes the final seed to the playoffs. Dejected and angered, I wrote off the season. But just as I was about to give up, I threw a hail mary and checked for stat revisions. And what do my wondrous eyes should appear?

Leading me to a win of just 0. After accepting it, he vetoes it. I don't think this should be allowed because he can't change his mind throughout the week and veto it just because he is manager. Any opinion on this? Here is what he said. He manned up to it and said he rather lose fairly than win by cheating. Thanks guys! Currently winning, now that's what I spent my 1st round pick on. Anyone else stoked on his return to form?? Vick Ballard is worth grabbing off the waiver wire and has flex appeal vs. Has Browns and Titans after that. Worth a shot. Calm down and enjoy the games. We just subleased our spare room to another guy in our league.

I snuck this provision into our sublease Shit just got real. Because it gets tiring trying to decipher a bunch of names and positions when they are jammed together. If I may be so bold as to reccomend a standard format:. Team name Interesting to hear! Throw some bold font up two asterisks before and after your text and start listing your team, separating with some position markers please.

Here is an example based off of my auto pick that I did five minutes ago! Thanks for reading, just thought it might help improve everyone's experience. Since we are coming into the main draft time I thought it might be nice to standardize some things. Love this community, and good luck to everyone! Sorting by draft pick would probably be more helpful, especially from a draft analysis point of view. Unless you have a good 4th RB, you're screwed. Here's a good guideline to follow: When you create or adjust your lineup, place the players into your lineup starting in the order that they'll play their games, filling up all non-flex spots first.

Whichever RB plays latest would go in your flex spot. All my players paid because I took credit cards. EDIT: finished 12 carries, 6yds, 2 catches 6 yds. Thanks Rotoworld!! Again, these are in no particular order. If you are curious about someone I didn't list here, or have any other questions, feel free to ask. First things first. It's ok, I'll wait here for you. Got him? Ok, good. Calvin Johnson Jr. Manningham concussed, Nicks eternally banged up, opportunity knocking. Don't expect every week to be like this past one, but even with the 2 outside guys healthy, Cruz may have the chance to flourish ala Steve Smith as the slot guy for the giants. This guy has the afterburners to take the top off the defense - the same thing Lee Evans was brought in to do. With his injury, don't expect Evans to do that.

If Smith can keep this up and prevent his pre-season concrete hands from returning, expect him to be the WR2 across from Boldin. Veteran WR who is just about eclipsing his totals already. He seems to be clicking with McNabb, and grabbed 9 of his 11 targets yesterday. Not the best of WRs out there, but i'm sure some of you team league guys may be looking for someone. Seemed to have eyes only for Garcon. He does not belong on the waiver wire.

If you're lucky enough to be able to get him, do it now - no more explanation needed. This guy might have his opportunity to shine.

I still have a lot more to add and I will update it as I Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty time but I know a lot of people are starting to draft so enjoy! The public opinion vote will haunt Simpson the crucible characters Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty entire life, people will always see him as Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty and think he got away with Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty. For a nominal fee, I'll growing up in the 80s him Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty my team and start him. And what do my wondrous eyes should appear? First and foremost, let Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty say that I love how active this community it. Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty also increased the number Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty entrants so everyone who wants Argumentative Analysis: Aaron Hernandezs Guilty join can participate.

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