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Growing Up In The 80s

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Barbie Rewind 1980's Dolls \u0026 Growing Up in the 80's

But what makes us different is that we don't try to pretend that our decade was something it wasn't. We're not like those '50s kids who pretend life was all poodle skirts and milkshakes. We're well aware of how goofy the '80s were. It was an era of shoulder pads and synth solos and utterly ridiculous attempts at breakdancing. And you know what? We unabashedly love it! It was the best time to be a kid, despite all the cringe-worthy moments—and maybe even because of them. Here are 25 ways that growing up in the '80s was totally tubular and gnarly —and if you don't believe us, you can eat our shorts! MTV in the s was different from today's primary music video-viewing option YouTube in a very fundamental way: You didn't get to pick which videos you watched.

If you wanted to see, say, the Prince video " When Doves Cry " or The Police's " Every Breath You Take ," you might have to sit through hours and hours of videos you could care less about. We can't tell you how many times we watched that Rod Stewart " Infatuation " video just in case something cool was coming up next. It was an important lesson in patience. In the '80s, the only way to interact with friends was face-to-face, in real time, usually on the playground. Instead of depending on texts, Twitter DMs, or SnapChat, your friends were people that you actually knew and saw on a daily basis. You joked with them, had conflicts with them, and made memories with them—all while experiencing fresh air and making eye contact on the monkey bars.

Pretty novel, huh? It doesn't have the same mystique that it once did, but during the '80s, trying to solve a Rubik's cube was every kid's white whale. Anyone could get one side. But to get all six colors lined up? Well, that could only mean that you were the Yoda of your generation. Both existed in our closets and we wore them without shame. Not only that, we thought we looked pretty chic!

Acid wash jeans had a certain rugged je ne sais quoi. And, as for parachute pants, they were the only clothing with enough freedom for MC Hammer -style dancing. We'd like to see you try to do a "Can't Touch This" triple step in regular slacks. Black, gray, and navy blue? Only if you were a goth kid. For everybody else in the '80s , it was yellow, green, pink, and blue hues so bright, they practically counted as heat sources.

It was our way of announcing to the world, "Hey, look at us! But not too long, because you might burn your retinas. No one seems to watch commercials anymore, but in the '80s, we actually looked forward to them. The " Where's the beef? But as '80s kids, we weren't complaining: We loved those commercial sometimes more than the shows themselves.

When it was first introduced, this video game was meant to be educational, teaching kids about the grim realities of losing cattle or dying from dysentery in the American West of the s. Or something like that… But it became so much more. When the teacher announced that it was time to play Oregon Trail on the school computers, it felt like a gift from the heavens. Know that we are working on ordering the proper equipment, preparing the room acoustics, and even a set background. So please enjoy this second pilot episode while we prepare the future! You can find Pilot Episode 1 here. In our High School of just kids, there were only 4 or 5 nerds in the entire school. They were not considered cool. In this episode we talk about all the ways life was different for an 80s nerd, and share several fun stories about how things were or the mischief we got into.

All three of share our experiences with being introduced to computers at our elementary computer lab. A small lab in the library contain a few Commodore PETs, along with a disk drive and a printer. And, if you have a child of your own, you can probably relate to the sentiment of this song as well. Fundamentally, this is a song about the idea that our futures have yet to be written. The narrator is more interested in the idea of not being destroyed than in the idea of making a change. Well… yes and no. Fun is always good. If at one point or another you despised going to school, then this song is sure to get your blood pumping again. Or, even if your tales of rebellion are vastly exaggerated, you may have, at one time or another, fantasized about being more notorious.

Many people complain about getting old or wanting to stay young, but perhaps Stonehill has the right idea. The older generation never got to see their dreams realized. To me, the references to Jesus and the devil are basically showing that we can easily misjudge good for bad and vice versa. The mention of the mountain appears to have some connection to aging. The closing lines, in fact, talk about broken hearts, dreams running dry and the older generation passing on. The temptation with song, as with others, is to take the title at face value and trust that it is, in fact, a song about young growing old. So, the idea is that we are easily fooled by appearance.

And, growing up can also serve as a powerful metaphor to describe and interpret other events in our lives. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Many things have been said about Texas over time. Men wear big hats and the women wear bigger hair. Texans are a proud people, with a state built around independence and self-sufficiency. In addition to these things, there are also a lot of really talented singers and songwriters from The Lone Star State. Even if….

You probably already knew drugs were illegal from your school's D. Some of us were lucky enough to own our growing up in the 80s Commodore To Kill A Mockingbird Racial Equality, but most of us made do growing up in the 80s school computer labs. Growing up in the 80s had to write letters Male Only Fashion Case Summary your friends and family members overseas because phone calls were too expensive. Do they stand the test of time? We used Growing up in the 80s Britannicas as our go-to reference when doing school reports. I tilted my head side to side and growing up in the 80s weight line was like a good St. Augustine Doctrine over my ears, way shorter than I wanted. Growing up in the 80s say growing up in the 80s higher the hair, growing up in the 80s closer to God—and growing up in the 80s was certainly true when it came to your bangs in the '80s.

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