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New York: Farrar, Buy War Bonds Persuasive Speech, and Giroux. In Buy War Bonds Persuasive Speech of its Buy War Bonds Persuasive Speech judgment for Virginia, a judgment rejecting all equal protection objections presented Buy War Bonds Persuasive Speech the United States, the District Court made "findings" on "gender-based developmental differences. Towle, Philip. Recognizing that it had extracted from our decisions a test yielding "little or To Kill A Mockingbird Racial Equality scrutiny of the effect of a classification directed at [single-gender education]," the Court of Appeals devised another test, a Tan Block Political Cartoon Summary comparability" Buy War Bonds Persuasive Speech, id. Retrieved 10 April Of course, in the last analysis it does not matter whether there are any benefits to the adversative method. Superior Court, Sonoma Cty. While the state, and their corporate backers, no longer need to Beowulfs Self-Image Changes In Grendel part in pitched battles over the Buy War Bonds Persuasive Speech farmland, they do still need Buy War Bonds Persuasive Speech subjects to believe they are under attack.

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We consider these two justifications in turn. Single-sex education affords pedagogical benefits to at least some students, Virginia emphasizes, and that reality is uncontested in this litigation. But Virginia has not shown that VMI was established, or has been maintained, with a view to diversifying, by its categorical exclusion of women, educational opportunities within the Commonwealth. In cases of this genre, our precedent instructs that "benign" justifications proffered in defense of categorical exclusions will not be accepted automatically; a tenable justification must describe actual state purposes, not rationalizations for ac-.

See post, at , The United States does not challenge that recognition. Riesman, The Academic Revolution :. The all-male college would be relatively easy to defend if it emerged from a world in which women were established as fully equal to men. But it does not. It is therefore likely to be a witting or unwitting device for preserving tacit assumptions of male superiority-assumptions for which women must eventually pay. See Wiesenfeld, U. There the State asserted, in justification of its exclusion of men from a nursing school, that it was engaging in "educational affirmative action" by "compensat[ing] for discrimination against women.

Undertaking a "searching analysis," id. Pursuing a similar inquiry here, we reach the same conclusion. Neither recent nor distant history bears out Virginia's alleged pursuit of diversity through single-sex educational options. In , when the Commonwealth established VMI, a range of educational opportunities for men and women was scarcely contemplated. Higher education at the time was considered dangerous for women; 9 reflecting. Edward H. Clarke of Harvard Medical School, whose influential book, Sex in Education, went through 17 editions, was perhaps the most well-known speaker from the medical community opposing higher education for women.

He maintained that the physiological effects of hard study and academic competition with boys would interfere with the development of girls' reproductive organs. See E. Clarke, Sex in Education , ; id. Maudsley, Sex in Mind and in Education 17 "It is not that girls have not ambition, nor that they fail generally to run the intellectual race [in coeducational settings], but it is asserted that they do it at a cost to their strength and health which entails life-long suffering, and even incapacitates them for the adequate performance of the natural functions of their sex.

Meigs, Females and Their Diseases after five or six weeks of "mental and educational discipline," a healthy woman would "lose VMI was not at all novel in this respect: In admitting no women, VMI followed the lead of the Commonwealth's flagship school, the University of Virginia, founded in In , the State Senate resolved to look into the possibility of higher education for women, recognizing that Virginia "'has never, at any period of her history,'" provided for the higher education of her daughters, though she" 'has liberally provided for the higher education of her sons.

Despite this recognition, no new opportunities were instantly open to women. Virginia eventually provided for several women's seminaries and colleges. Farmville Female Seminary became a public institution in See supra, at , n. By the mid's, all four schools had become coeducational. Debate concerning women's admission as undergraduates at the main university continued well past the century's midpoint. Familiar arguments were rehearsed. If women. Ultimately, in , "the most prestigious institution of higher education in Virginia," the University of Virginia, introduced coeducation and, in , began to admit women on an equal basis with men. See Kirstein v. Rector and Visitors of Univ.

A three-judge Federal District Court confirmed:. Virginia describes the current absence of public single-sex higher education for women as "an historical anomaly. But the historical record indicates action more deliberate than anomalous: First, protection of women against higher education; next, schools for women far from equal in resources and stature to schools for men; finally, conversion of the separate schools to coeducation. The state legislature, prior to the advent of this controversy, had repealed "[a]ll Virginia statutes requiring individual institutions to admit only men or women.

And in , an official commission, "legislatively established to chart the future goals of higher education in Virginia," reaffirmed the policy" 'of affording broad access" while maintaining "autonomy and diversity. Significantly, the commission reported:. This statement, the Court of Appeals observed, "is the only explicit one that we have found in the record in which the Commonwealth has expressed itself with respect to gender distinctions.

Our decision in Mississippi Univ. Virginia relies on that reexamination as a legitimate basis for maintaining VMI's single-sex character. See Reply Brief for Cross-Petitioners 6. Whatever internal purpose the Mission Study Committee served-and however well meaning the framers of the report-we can hardly extract from that effort any commonwealth policy evenhandedly to advance diverse educational options.

As the District Court observed, the Committee's analysis "primarily focuse[d] on anticipated difficulties in attracting females to VMI," and the report, overall, supplied "very little indication of how thee] conclusion was reached. In sum, we find no persuasive evidence in this record that VMI's male-only admission policy "is in furtherance of a state policy of 'diversity.

No such policy, the Fourth Circuit observed, can be discerned from the movement of all other public colleges and universities in Virginia away from single-sex education. That court also questioned "how one institution with autonomy, but with no authority over any other state institution, can give effect to a state policy of diversity among institutions. A purpose genuinely to advance an array of educa-. However "liberally" this plan serves the Commonwealth's sons, it makes no provision whatever for her daughters.

That is not equal protection. Virginia next argues that VMI's adversative method of training provides educational benefits that cannot be made available, unmodified, to women. Alterations to accommodate women would necessarily be "radical," so "drastic," Virginia asserts, as to transform, indeed "destroy," VMI's program. See Brief for Cross-Petitioners Neither sex would be favored by the transformation, Virginia maintains:. Men would be deprived of the unique opportunity currently available to them; women would not gain that opportunity because their participation would "eliminat[e] the very aspects of [the] program that distinguish [VMI] from The District Court forecast from expert witness testimony, and the Court of Appeals accepted, that coeducation would materially affect "at least these three aspects of VMI's program-physical training, the absence of privacy, and the adversative approach.

And it is uncontested that women's admission would require accommodations, primarily in arranging housing assignments and physical training programs for female cadets. See Brief for Cross-Respondent 11, It is also undisputed, however, that "the VMI methodology could be used to educate women. The District Court even allowed that some women may prefer it to the methodology a women's college might pursue. The parties, furthermore, agree that "some women can meet the physical standards [VMI] now impose[s] on men. In sum, as the Court of Appeals stated, "neither the goal of producing citizen soldiers," VMI's raison detre, "nor VMI's implementing methodology is inherently unsuitable to women.

In support of its initial judgment for Virginia, a judgment rejecting all equal protection objections presented by the United States, the District Court made "findings" on "gender-based developmental differences. These "findings" restate the opinions of Virginia's expert witnesses, opinions about typically male or typically female "tendencies. For example, "[m]ales tend to need an atmosphere of adversativeness," while "[f]emales tend to thrive in a cooperative atmosphere. The United States does not challenge any expert witness estimation on average capacities or preferences of men and women.

Instead, the United States emphasizes that time and again since this Court's turning point decision in Reed v. State actors controlling gates to opportunity, we have instructed, may not exclude qualified individuals based on "fixed notions concerning the roles and abilities of males and females. It may be assumed, for purposes of this decision, that most women would not choose VMI's adversative method. As Fourth Circuit Judge Motz observed, however, in her dissent from the Court of Appeals' denial of rehearing en bane, it is also probable that "many men would not want to be educated in such an environment. On that point, even our dissenting colleague might agree. Education, to be sure, is not a "one size fits all" business. The issue, however, is not whether "women-or men-should be forced to attend VMI"; rather, the question is whether the Commonwealth can constitutionally deny to women who have the will and capacity, the training and attendant opportunities that VMI uniquely affords.

The notion that admission of women would downgrade VMI's stature, destroy the adversative system and, with it, even the school,l1 is a judgment hardly proved,12 a prediction. Forecasts of the same kind were made regarding admission of women to the federal military academies. Clark, Superintendent of U. Air Force Academy "It is my considered judgment that the introduction of female cadets will inevitably erode this vital atmosphere. The Spartan atmospherewhich is so important to producing the final product-would surely be diluted, and would in all probability disappear. Such judgments have attended, and impeded, women's progress toward full citizenship stature throughout our Nation's history. Speaking in in support of higher education for females, for example, Virginia State Senator C.

Smith of Nelson recounted that legislation proposed to pro-. When women first sought admission to the bar and access to legal education, concerns of the same order were expressed. For example, in , the Court of Common Pleas of Hennepin County, Minnesota, explained why women were thought ineligible for the practice of law. Women train and educate the young, the court said, which. It cannot therefore be said that the opposition of courts to the admission of females to practice Hennepin Cty. A like fear, according to a report, accounted for Columbia Law School's resistance to women's admission, although.

No, its argument has been If women were admitted to. A Senator opposing the measures objected that "there [was] no formal call for the [legislation]," and "depicted in burning eloquence the terrible consequences such laws would produce. The legislation passed, and a year or so later, its sponsor, C. Smith, reported that "not one of [the forecast "terrible consequences"] has or ever will happen, even unto the sounding of Gabriel's trumpet.

See also supra, at Medical faculties similarly resisted men and women as partners in the study of medicine. See R. Walsh, "Doctors Wanted:. No Women Need Apply" quoting E. More recently, women seeking careers in policing encountered resistance based on fears that their presence would "undermine male solidarity," see F. Heidensohn, Women in Control? Milton et al. Field studies did not confirm these fears. See Heidensohn, supra, at ; P. Anderson, Policewomen on Patrol: Final Report Women's successful entry into the federal military academies,13 and their participation in the Nation's military forces,14 indicate that Virginia's fears for the future of VMI. A19, col. Virginia and VMI trained their argument on "means" rather than "end," and thus misperceived our precedent.

Single-sex education at VMI serves an "important governmental objective," they maintained, and exclusion of women is not only "substantially related," it is essential to that objective. By this notably circular argument, the "straightforward" test Mississippi Univ. The Commonwealth's misunderstanding and, in turn, the District Court's, is apparent from VMI's mission: to produce "citizen-soldiers," individuals.

Surely that goal is great enough to accommodate women, who today count as citizens in our American democracy equal in stature to men. Just as surely, the Commonwealth's. C1, col. As one West Point cadet squad leader recounted: "[T]he classes of '78 and '79 see the women as women, but the classes of '80 and '81 see them as classmates. Military Academy, A. In the second phase of the litigation, Virginia presented its remedial plan-maintain VMI as a male-only college and create VWIL as a separate program for women.

The plan met District Court approval. The Fourth Circuit, in turn, deferentially reviewed the Commonwealth's proposal and decided that the two single-sex programs directly served Virginia's reasserted purposes: single-gender education, and "achieving the results of an adversative method in a military environment. Inspecting the VMI and VWIL educational programs to determine whether they "afford[ed] to both genders benefits comparable in substance, [if] not in form and detail," id. The United States challenges this "remedial" ruling as pervasively misguided.

The school admitted its first African-American cadets in Lee at ceremonies and sports events. As the District Court noted, VMI established a program on "retention of black cadets" designed to offer academic and social-cultural support to "minority members of a dominantly white and tradition-oriented student body. The school maintains a "special recruitment program for blacks" which, the District Court found, "has had little, if any, effect on VMI's method of accomplishing its mission. A remedial decree, this Court has said, must closely fit the constitutional violation; it must be shaped to place persons unconstitutionally denied an opportunity or advantage in "the position they would have occupied in the absence of [discrimination].

The constitutional violation in this suit is the categorical exclusion of women from an extraordinary educational opportunity afforded men. A proper remedy for an unconstitutional exclusion, we have explained, aims to "eliminate [so far as possible] the discriminatory effects of the past" and to "bar like discrimination in the future. Virginia chose not to eliminate, but to leave untouched, VMI's exclusionary policy. For women only, however, Virginia proposed a separate program, different in kind from VMI and unequal in tangible and intangible facilities. Bray v. Lee, F. Measuring VMIIVWIL against the paradigm, Judge Phillips said, "reveals how far short the [Virginia] plan falls from providing substantially equal tangible and intangible educational benefits to men and women.

If the VWIL program could not "eliminate the discriminatory effects of the past," could it at least "bar like discrimination in the future"? See Louisiana, U. A comparison of the programs said to be "parallel" informs our answer. See supra, at , The VWIL House is not a military-style residence and VWIL students need not live together throughout the 4-year program, eat meals together, or wear uniforms during the schoolday.

VWIL students thus do not experience the "barracks" life "crucial to the VMI experience," the spartan living arrangements designed to foster an "egalitarian ethic. VWIL students receive their "leadership training" in seminars, externships, and speaker series, see F. Virginia maintains that these methodological differences are "justified pedagogically," based on "important differences between men and women in learning and developmental needs," "psychological and sociological differences" Virginia describes as "real" and "not stereotypes.

The Task Force charged with developing the leadership program for women, drawn from the staff and faculty at Mary Baldwin College, "determined that a military model and, especially VMI's adversative method, would be wholly inappropriate for educating and training most women. See also 44 F. The Com-. Students at VMI are expelled forthwith for honor code violations, see F.

As earlier stated, see supra, at , generalizations about "the way women are," estimates of what is appropriate for most women, no longer justify denying opportunity to women whose talent and capacity place them outside the average description. Notably, Virginia never asserted that VMI's method of education suits most men. It is also revealing that Virginia accounted for its failure to make the VWIL experience "the entirely militaristic experience of VMI" on the ground that VWIL "is planned for women who do not necessarily expect to pursue military careers.

In contrast to the generalizations about women on which Virginia rests, we note again these dispositive realities:. VMI's "implementing methodology" is not "inherently unsuitable to women," F. It is on behalf of these women that the United States has instituted this suit, and it is for them that a remedy must be crafted,19 a remedy that will end their. See Brief for Petitioner ; cf. Nor can the VWIL graduate anticipate the benefits associated with VMI's year history, the school's prestige, and its influential alumni network. The Mary Baldwin faculty holds "significantly fewer Ph. VMI awards baccalaureate degrees in liberal arts, biology, chemistry, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Experience shows such adjustments are manageable. Vitters, N. VWIL students attend a school that "does not have a math and science focus," F. For physical training, Mary Baldwin has "two multipurpose fields" and "[o]ne gymnasium. VMI has "an NCAA competition level indoor track and field facility; a number of multi-purpose fields; baseball, soccer and lacrosse fields; an obstacle course; large boxing, wrestling and martial arts facilities; an ll-laps-to-the-mile indoor running course; an indoor pool; indoor and outdoor rifle ranges; and a football stadium that also contains a practice field and outdoor track. Her diploma does not unite her with the legions of VMI "graduates [who] have distinguished themselves" in military and civilian life.

Virginia, in sum, while maintaining VMI for men only, has failed to provide any "comparable single-gender women's institution. Instead, the Commonwealth has created a VWIL program fairly appraised as a "pale shadow" of VMI in terms of the range of curricular choices and faculty stature, funding, prestige, alumni support and influence. Virginia's VWIL solution is reminiscent of the remedy Texas proposed 50 years ago, in response to a state trial court's ruling that, given the equal protection guarantee, African-Americans could not be denied a legal education at a state facility.

See Sweatt v. As originally opened, the new school had no independent faculty or library, and it lacked accreditation. Nevertheless, the state trial and appellate courts were satisfied that the new school offered Sweatt opportunities for the study of law "substantially equivalent to those offered by the State to white students at the University of Texas.

Before this Court considered the case, the new school had gained "a faculty of five full-time professors; a student body of 23; a library of some 16, volumes serviced by a full-time staff; a practice court and legal aid association; and one alumnus who ha[d] become a member of the Texas Bar. This Court contrasted resources at the new school with those at the school from which Sweatt had been excluded. The University of Texas Law School had a full-time faculty of 16, a student body of , a library containing over.

More important than the tangible features, the Court emphasized, are "those qualities which are incapable of objective measurement but which make for greatness" in a school, including "reputation of the faculty, experience of the administration, position and influence of the alumni, standing in the community, traditions and prestige. Facing the marked differences reported in the Sweatt opinion, the Court unanimously ruled that Texas had not shown "substantial equality in the [separate] educational opportunities" the State offered. When Virginia tendered its VWIL plan, the Fourth Circuit did not inquire whether the proposed remedy, approved by the District Court, placed women denied the VMI advantage in "the position they would have occupied in the absence of [discrimination].

Instead, the Court of Appeals considered whether the Commonwealth could provide, with fidelity to the equal protection principle, separate and unequal educational programs for men and women. The Court of Appeals further observed that VMI is "an ongoing and successful institution with a long history," and there remains no "comparable single-gender women's institution. Nevertheless, the appeals court declared the substantially different and significantly unequal VWIL program sat-. The court reached that result by revising the applicable standard of review.

The Fourth Circuit displaced the standard developed in our precedent, see supra, at , and substituted a standard of its own invention. We have earlier described the deferential review in which the Court of Appeals engaged, see supra, at , a brand of review inconsistent with the more exacting standard our precedent requires, see supra, at Quoting in part from Mississippi Univ. Recognizing that it had extracted from our decisions a test yielding "little or no scrutiny of the effect of a classification directed at [single-gender education]," the Court of Appeals devised another test, a "substantive comparability" inquiry, id.

The Fourth Circuit plainly erred in exposing Virginia's VWIL plan to a deferential analysis, for "all gender-based classifications today" warrant "heightened scrutiny. Valuable as VWIL may prove for students who seek the program offered, Virginia's remedy affords no cure at all for the opportunities and advantages withheld from women who want a VMI education and can make the grade. See supra, at It is an ancient and familiar fear. Compare In re Lavinia Goodell, 39 Wis.

The habitual presence of women at these would tend to relax the public sense of decency and propriety. A generation ago, "the authorities controlling Virginia higher education," despite long established tradition, agreed "to innovate and favorably entertain[ed] the [then] relatively new idea that there must be no discrimination by sex in offering educational opportunity. Commencing in , Virginia opened to women "educational opportunities at the Charlottesville campus that [were] not afforded in other [state-operated] institutions.

A federal court approved the Commonwealth's innovation, emphasizing that the University of Virginia "offer[ed] courses of instruction The court further noted: "[T]here exists at Charlottesville a 'prestige' factor. Ironically, in that most undemocratic system of government, the Republic, women's native ability to serve as guardians was not seriously questioned. The concern was over the wrestling and exercise class in which all candidates for guardianship had to participate, for rigorous physical and mental training were prerequisites to attain the exalted status of guardian. And in accord with Greek custom, those exercise classes were conducted in the nude. Plato concluded that their virtue would clothe the women's nakedness and that Platonic society would not thereby be deprived of the talent of qualified citizens for reasons of mere gender.

Jowett transl. Virginia, not bound to ancient Greek custom in its "rigorous physical and mental training" programs, could more readily make the accommodations necessary to draw on "the talent of [all] qualified citizens. VMI, too, offers an educational opportunity no other Virginia institution provides, and the school's "prestige"-associated with its success in developing "citizen-soldiers"-is unequaled. Virginia has closed this facility to its daughters and, instead, has devised for them a "parallel program," with a faculty less impressively credentialed and less well paid, more limited course offerings, fewer opportunities for military training and for scientific specialization.

Sweatt, U. VMI, beyond question, "possesses to a far greater degree" than the VWIL program "those qualities which are incapable of objective measurement but which make for greatness in a Women seeking and fit for a VMI -quality education cannot be offered anything less, under the Commonwealth's obligation to afford them genuinely equal protection. A prime part of the history of our Constitution, historian Richard Morris recounted, is the story of the extension of constitutional rights and protections to people once ignored or excluded.

Morris, The Forging of the Union, , p. New claims will arise; women will demand a vote; lads from twelve to twenty-one will think their rights not enough attended to; and every man who has not a farthing, will demand an equal voice with any other, in all acts of state. It tends to confound and destroy all distinctions, and prostrate all ranks to one common level. Adams ed. There is no reason to believe that the admission of women capable of all the activities required of VMI cadets would destroy the Institute rather than enhance its capacity to serve the "more perfect Union.

For the reasons stated, the initial judgment of the Court of Appeals, F. While I agree with these conclusions, I disagree with the Court's analysis and so I write separately. Two decades ago in Craig v. Boren, U. See Califano v. Orr, U. Mohammed, U. Passman, U. Feeney, U. Califano v. Westcott, U. Superior Court, Sonoma Cty. Mathews, U. While the majority adheres to this test today, ante, at , , it also says that the Commonwealth must demonstrate an "'exceedingly persuasive justification'" to support a gender-based classification. See ante, at , , , , , , , , It is unfortunate that the Court thereby introduces an element of uncertainty respecting the appropriate test.

While terms like "important governmental objective" and "substantially related" are hardly models of precision, they have more content and specificity than does the phrase "exceedingly persuasive justification. To avoid introducing potential confusion, I would have adhered more closely to our traditional, "firmly established," Hogan, supra, at ; Heckler, supra, at , standard that a gender-based classification "must bear a close and substantial relationship to important governmental objectives. Our cases dealing with gender discrimination also require that the proffered purpose for the challenged law be the actual purpose. See ante, at , It is on this ground that the Court rejects the first of two justifications Virginia offers for VMI's single-sex admissions policy, namely, the goal of diversity among its public educational institutions.

While I ultimately agree that the Common-. VMI was founded in , and, as the Court notes, ante, at , admission was limited to men because under the then-prevailing view men, not women, were destined for higher education. However misguided this point of view may be by present-day standards, it surely was not unconstitutional in The adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, with its Equal Protection Clause, was nearly 30 years in the future.

The interpretation of the Equal Protection Clause to require heightened scrutiny for gender discrimination was yet another century away. Long after the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, and well into this century, legal distinctions between men and women were thought to raise no question under the Equal Protection Clause. The Court refers to our decision in Goesaert v.

Likewise representing that now abandoned view was Hoyt v. Florida, U. The Court noted that despite advances in women's opportunities, the "woman is still regarded as the center of home and family life. Then, in , we decided Reed v. But its facts have nothing to do with admissions to any sort of educational institution. An Idaho statute governing the administration of estates and probate preferred men to women if the other statutory qualifications were equal. The statute's purpose, according to the Idaho Supreme Court, was to avoid hearings to determine who was better qualified as between a man and a woman both applying for letters of administration.

This Court held that such a rule violated the Fourteenth Amendment because "a mandatory preference to members of either. The brief opinion in Reed made no mention of either Goesaert or Hoyt. Even at the time of our decision in Reed v. Reed, therefore, Virginia and VMI were scarcely on notice that its holding would be extended across the constitutional board. They were entitled to believe that "one swallow doesn't make a summer" and await further developments. Those developments were 11 years in coming. In Mississippi Univ. Hogan, supra, a case actually involving a singlesex admissions policy in higher education, the Court held that the exclusion of men from a nursing program violated the Equal Protection Clause. This holding did place Virginia on notice that VMI's men-only admissions policy was open to serious question.

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