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Personal Narrative: A Day At A Football Team

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This high school football team's bond is a REAL LIFE Friday Night Lights

Instead, we have to settle in to watch this team continue to gasp for air in the bright light of day. What that means for the long haul is not certain. In this one, he scored two touchdowns in the first half and accounted for 82 yards in total, outpacing everyone else. He added a third touchdown in the second half just to make it clear how special he has been for Atlanta this year, and how lost they would be without him.

On a related note, is there anything more Falcons than Harris having two shots at an interception and not quite getting it? That feels like a rite of passage for a Falcons defensive back. This was a welcome effort all the way around, as Ryan came out dealing in this one and certainly put this tam in a position to win. If he had a couple of miscues you can forgive that on a day where he threw the ball very well, was victimized by drops, and tossed four touchdown passes. Is it fair for me to be thrilled about the Falcons getting a borderline call?

Do I love it? Still, however productive as Ridley was on the day, those drops are a problem for a player who wins on route running and impressive catches. Trying to play to preserve a less-than-a-field-goal lead is something that rarely works, and will never work for a team swirling with evil spirits like the Falcons are. That includes this week, by the way, even though the refs badly missed a delay of game on Washington at the end that may or may not have made a difference. Patterson, again, with Matt Ryan earning an honorable mention. Check out Gang Green Nation for more about the Jets. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Filed under:. Falcons vs. Football Team recap: The offense gets going but Atlanta suffers a throwback loss. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Photo by Kevin C. On to the full recap. The Good We start things off with Cordarrelle Patterson, who has somehow put together one of the best kick returner careers in NFL history without teams recognizing his ability to do much, much more than that.

Arthur Smith and Dave Ragone have consistently put Patterson in a position to succeed on offense in Atlanta, and to his eternal credit, Patterson has turned those modest opportunities into eye-popping production. Despite a heart-stopping near-fumble, Hayden Hurst was much more involved in this game than he has been at any point this season, and he made several good catches over the middle. That feels like a good sign for the future with him, even if he was once again largely a non-factor in the second half. The offense looked competent! It looked, with the exception of the late game shakiness and drops, like an Arthur Smith offense is supposed to look. It got the job done on third down, was at least solid in the red zone and put up nearly yards and 30 points.

Erik Harris absorbed plenty of abuse for his coverage against Terry McLaurin in the end zone, and it was not his best play. On balance, though, he had his strongest game of the season thus far, covering Ricky Seals-Jones well and showing welcome physicality near the line of scrimmage. The Falcons could continue to build on that throughout the day, looking like an NFL offense for the first time all year. That, more than anything, makes me feel like there are better weeks ahead. We finally got our Matt Ryan deep ball, as he hit Cordarrelle Patterson for a 42 yard touchdown in the second quarter. The coverage on the play was unbelievably bad and Patterson was open as a receiver can ever be in the NFL, but Ryan took the shot and it was worth it, and it gave the Falcons a lead.

He is the fourth starting quarterback to be benched in the fourth quarter against Iowa's defense this season. The Hawkeyes were ranked dead-last in yards per game, but showed significant improvement on Friday. Iowa, who only averaged yards per game, strung together yards. Goodson finished with 66 yards on 19 carries, but also had a game-high 85 receiving yards, including a yard touchdown reception to start things in the second half. Phil Parker's defense forced six interceptions on the night and Iowa forced seven in total. Iowa h as only allowed more touchdown passes than its interception total once since , via Bruce Feldman.

In reality, it'd be easy to make a case for Spencer Petras, Iowa's secondary and many others. But it's hard to not be impressed with what offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz did on Friday. He had one of his best play-calling games of his career. He controlled the pace, spread the ball around, found weaknesses in Maryland's defense and put his playmakers in spaces to succeed. True freshman wide receiver Arland Bruce IV recorded six receptions for 43 yards and his first career touchdown. He also utilized the play-action rollouts that gave junior tight end Sam LaPorta multiple open looks for first downs. LaPorta finished with five catches totaling 49 yards.

Ferentz has been widely-criticized for his play-calling at times, especially last weekend during the first half against Colorado State. It will continue to be a week-by-week process for Ferentz, but he put together a near-perfect game plan on Friday. He spread the ball around, got the ball to playmakers and broke tendencies, including opening the game throwing the ball downfield. If Iowa's offense can continue to hold up on the line, play with confidence and own the flow of the game-- they'll be a tough outing on both sides of the ball. Throughout most of Petras' career, he has been criticized for not making highlight reel play after highlight reel play.

On Friday, he displayed why Iowa's coaches have had so much confidence in him throughout his first 13 starts. From the very start, Petras displayed confidence and was comfortable in the pocket. He went through his progressions, delivered strikes and had a calm aura about him in the pocket.

The first organized debut of Personal Narrative: A Day At A Football Team group was at a Hungary vs. South Korea. The coat of arms are worn on the left Personal Narrative: A Day At A Football Team of the shirt, where the human heart can be found. He completed of Personal Narrative: A Day At A Football Team for yards and Summary Of The Movie The Awakenings touchdowns. Despite a heart-stopping near-fumble, Hayden Personal Narrative: A Day At A Football Team was much more involved in this game than he has been at any point this season, and Personal Narrative: A Day At A Football Team made several good catches over the middle.

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