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Dimensions Of Wellness

You can still strive for wellness even Dimensions Of Wellness you are experiencing Dimensions Of Wellness challenges in your life. The Dimensions Of Wellness also has information on AA, Dimensions Of Wellness, and local events. Dimensions Of Wellness Student Learning and Dimensions Of Wellness Initiatives Coordinates campuswide activities, programs, and services that foster students' academic, personal, and professional development. To find an Alcoholics Anonymous Giraffe And Giraff Differences near you, use japanese pow camps punishments search form on this webpage. Local Meetup. To some, this term refers to diet and exercise.

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is a familiar term, but what is its true definition? Is it simply the absence of disease? To achieve this type of overall wellness, a person must be healthy in nine interconnected dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational, financial, and cultural. A description of each dimension follows. People who are physically well actively make healthy decisions on a daily basis. They eat a nutritionally balanced diet; they try to get an adequate amount of sleep, and they visit the doctor routinely. They maintain positive interpersonal relationships and make healthy sexual decisions that are consistent with their personal values and beliefs. Emotional Wellness An emotionally well person successfully expresses and manages an entire range of feelings, including anger, doubt, hope, joy, desire, fear, and many others.

People who are emotionally well maintain a high level of self-esteem. They have a positive body-image and the ability to regulate their feelings. They know where to seek support and help regarding their mental health, including but not limited to, seeking professional counseling services. Intellectual Wellness Those who enjoy intellectual wellness engage in lifelong learning. They seek knowledge and activities that further develop their critical thinking and heighten global awareness.

They engage in activities associated with the arts, philosophy, and reasoning. Spiritual Wellness People who can be described as spiritually well have identified a core set of beliefs that guide their decision making, and other faith-based endeavors. It means having the ability to love and be loved and achieving a sense of fulfillment in life. Emotional wellness encompasses optimism, self-esteem, self-acceptance and the ability to share feelings. The intellectual dimension encourages creative, stimulating mental activities. Our minds need to be continually inspired and exercised just as our bodies do. People who possess a high level of intellectual wellness have an active mind and continue to learn.

An intellectually well person uses the resources available to expand one's knowledge and improve skills. Keeping up-to-date on current events and participating in activities that arouse our minds are also important. Social wellness refers to our ability to interact successfully in our global community and to live up to the expectations and demands of our personal roles. This means learning good communication skills, developing intimacy with others, and creating a support network of friends and family members. Social wellness includes showing respect for others and yourself. Contributing to your community and to the world builds a sense of belonging. Spiritual wellness involves possessing a set of guiding beliefs, principles, or values that help give direction to one's life.

It encompasses a high level of faith, hope and commitment to your individual beliefs that provide a sense of meaning and purpose. How you feel can affect your ability to carry out everyday activities, your relationships, and your overall mental health. How you react to your experiences and feelings can change over time. Its an acceptance of emotions and working through those emotions in a positive and healthy way. Environmental Wellness is your ability to connect with the world around you. It inspires you to live a life of accountability, understanding that that all actions have positive or negative personal consequences and effect the people around us.

Feeling as though you are in a safe and stimulating environment is a critical aspect of not only enhancing successes but also your overall sense of well-being. Research has repeatedly confirmed the positive benefits that nature provides to our mood, mental health, physical health and overall success. Personal finances are the number one cause of stress nationwide, which may not be a surprise. Unfortunately, many people simply ignore their financial situation until it is too late. Finances are often complicated and even overwhelming but taking steps to minimize financial stressors is a very important part of your overall feeling of wellness. Managing expenses, understanding loan structures and just having a basic appreciation of your financial standing are all very important steps students can take to help attain a level of satisfaction with current and future finances.

Intellectual wellness encourages us to engage in creative activities that stimulates our minds from a non-academic or work related perspective. Taking time to find and indulge in your passions, hobbies and interests leads to a far greater feeling of well-being. People that master this aspect of wellness enjoy learning about things that are separate from their normal realm simply out of desire to obtain knowledge and skills. As intellectual wellness progresses, you are able to personally develop resources that work together with the other wellness dimensions that together, lead to a more balanced life.

The importance of finding joy, purpose and satisfaction in your occupation cannot be undervalued. Enjoying what you do is a critical aspect of your health and well-being.

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